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Updated: Apr 23

Welcome to our Biblical Counseling and Training Review Page!

At NABC, we are committed to providing exceptional biblical counseling and training experiences for our clients and students. We believe that feedback is a valuable tool for growth and improvement, which is why we've created this review page to showcase the experiences of our trainees and counselees.

Here, you'll find authentic reviews and testimonials from individuals who have participated in our counseling sessions and training programs. These firsthand accounts offer insights into the impact of our services and provide valuable information for those considering joining our community.

Whether you're interested in hearing about the transformative journey of a counseling client or the educational experience of a training participant, you'll find a wealth of perspectives to explore. Our hope is that these reviews will not only inform but also inspire others to take the next step toward personal and spiritual growth.

We invite you to browse through the reviews, engage with the stories shared, and consider leaving your own feedback if you've had the opportunity to experience our counseling or training firsthand. Your input is invaluable in helping us continue to refine and enhance our programs for the benefit of all.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and we look forward to sharing in your journey of growth and discovery.

Warm regards,

North Alabama Biblical Counseling

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I remember making the comment recently that when I first heard about Biblical counseling and that all that was used was the Bible, thinking "How in the world could a person only use the Bible to actually counsel someone? Seriously?!" Once I started taking the course, I very quickly changed to "How in the world could you use anything other than the Bible?"

Rebecca T.

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