About Our Service

NABC believes that God has given us everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3); therefore, all counsel to the individual/couple is firmly grounded in the Word of God (The Holy Bible, ESV).

Biblical Counseling's unique platform holds several advantages over traditional therapy as it allows you:

  • More affordable rates than traditional therapy.

  • The ability to connect with a trained biblical counselor who will patiently point you to Jesus.

  • Our counselors will graciously speak biblical truth in love, pray with you and bear your burdens.

  • Assignments that will help you engage with the Scriptures in a godly and biblical way.

  • Promote effective change as you apply the Word of God practically to your life.

  • The assurance that your counselor will be a good fit.

Your counselor will be able to offer you additional spiritual insight from personal knowledge, beliefs, and biblical wisdom, and possesses the formal training to best address your concerns.​

If you are seeking counsel and guidance from a biblical perspective, then NABC is a great option for you!

Weekly (preferred) or bi-weekly sessions will include counsel on spiritual issues, such as spiritual disciplines for connecting with God, Biblical wisdom, and/or matters related to spiritual warfare.

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