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We offer a structured, academic One Year Certificate Program in Biblical Counseling. More than just a series of lectures, we seek to advance the student in all facets of Biblical Counseling in an interactive classroom setting.

NABC Classroom Location:  7500 Memorial Parkway SW, Suite 215A, Huntsville, AL 35801

How to Become Certified

Our instructors have gone through hours of rigorous training to bring the latest materials and training techniques to certify and prepare you for biblical counseling.

These courses are for those individuals who want to be faithful to the Word of God as they counsel with family and friends. Courses will also equip the individual who wants to engage in formal biblical counseling.

We welcome everyone willing to begin the journey into Biblical Counseling Certification training.  

Individual and Group rates are available - click below!!



Rebecca T.

I remember making the comment recently that when I first heard about Biblical counseling and that all that was used was the Bible, thinking "How in the world could a person only use the Bible to actually counsel someone? Seriously?!" Once I started taking the course, I very quickly changed to "How in the world could you use anything other than the Bible?"

Gena L.

Biblical Counseling is biblical and based on that the scripture is sufficient! 2 Timothy 3:16- 17. I had not realized that I had integrated psychology into my thinking and into my teaching (my school teaching), but by taking the last semester with the reads, lectures, etc... and writing the integrationist paper. I came to realize that the scripture is sufficient to save!

Delora M.

This class taught me to be honest from the get go. I have failed in many ways (scripture memorization mainly) but I have grown to love God so much more than before and continue to be eager with learning and spreading how completely awesome and amazing he is! I am now able to help people through Christ the way others have helped me.
Image by Fa Barboza

To begin your journey towards becoming a Biblical Counselor, click below

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